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Image by Oskar Kadaksoo


This virtual memorial wall is a place where donors can honor special

people who loved the arts and have passed away. 

A memorial contribution honors the life of a deceased person. It also allows us to inspire and encourage others through the admirable character of people they may have never met while supporting the creation of opportunities for inspiration and innovation in aging care with your donation. 


Jun Mhoon

Resourceful, passionate, gifted and compassionate man who loved music. We have added Jun to our Memorial wall in honor of our dear friend, energetic & creative board director. We miss you. 

Esteam Health Foundation Board


Gene Liberati

Beloved father, grandfather, and great-grandfather, his strong faith

and caring ways are a true family legacy.

Charliece S. Swiney

Brilliant, loving and kind woman who sought to bring a sense of magic to the lives of children.  A gifted pianist I loved hearing play Autumn Leaves and Flight of the Bumble Bee.

Jean Patton Liberati

Beloved mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother, her strong faith

and caring ways are a true family legacy.

James M. Swiney

Loving, scholarly and visionary man who sacrificed tremendously for the well-being of children. He used music as a catalyst for building self-esteem. By request at Christmastime he sang

Sweet Little Jesus Boy

Alberta C. Horton
1912 - 2007

Loving mother whose favorite song was St Louis Blues.

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